Becoming a mom is a wonderful, life-altering adventure.
But pregnancy can be lonely and confusing.
As thrilled as you are for your new baby, there is so much to figure out. You're likely wondering:
What is a safe and effective prenatal workout plan?
What foods do I need to eat in each trimester for a healthy pregnancy and baby? 

How do I prepare my home, my body and my support team for baby?

What kind of support will I need after the baby arrives?
Introducing MamaWell
We created MamaWell to answer all of these questions and MORE.
This is your new roadmap to experience more joy, clarity and ease in pregnancy and new motherhood.
MamaWell is a 42-week online course filled with modern wisdom 
and whole body guidance for your personal journey into motherhood.

Our custom course platform will take you through exactly how to move, 
what to eat, and how to best prepare for birth and beyond.
Movement + Nourishment + Community
You'll increase strength, flexibility 
and mindfulness with our 
birth prep and breathing exercises.
Armed with nutrition information and 
recipe ideas, as well as your own preparation plan for birth and beyond, you'll have the 
info you need for peace of mind. 
Moms need other moms, our program 
not only connects you with other moms but 
a veritable powerhouse of experts who will share their knowledge with you.
What is included?
MamaWell by FIT4MOM is the ultimate prenatal and postpartum 
wellness guide. Learn how to safely to move throughout 
your pregnancy and nourish your body and spirit while you gather knowledge from top pre and postnatal experts.

Your enrollment includes 42-weeks of exercise videos, birth preparation and nutritional guidance, customized for each week of your pregnancy plus, a private Facebook group.
Sign up today & get the following bonus content:
  • ​A 6-week postpartum guide for when you need care and repair most.
  • The MamaWell expert video series that explores pregnancy, birth and early motherhood from a multi-cultural perspective.
Meet your MamaWell experts.
As the leader in pre and postnatal fitness, 
we have trained thousands of mamas and moms-to-be over the past two decades. 

We believe pregnancy is a time of health, 
discovery, connection, and a sacred journey 
during which women cultivate and honor true 
Strength in Motherhood.

FIT4MOM currently has nearly 1,500 locations nationwide, and has always existed at the 
intersection of self-care and community-care.
Holistic Nutritionist specializing in fertility, 
pregnancy, postpartum & babies. 
Founder of Oh Baby Nutrition.
Author of The Fourth Trimester, renowned 
birth doula, certified Sexological Bodyworker 
& Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.
Naturopathic Doctor specializing 
in fertility & postpartum care.
We know when mom takes care of herself 
with fitness and proper nutrition, she also raises
 the next generation to do the same. But the real magic takes place in our FIT4MOM communities when moms take care of one another. 
We want to bring more of this nurturing magic 
to moms, so you will be connected to moms 
in the same phase of life with you through a private Facebook group.  There you can ask questions, connect and share in motherhood.
So, let’s break this down some more. 
Here is exactly what MamaWell includes:
what you get
  • 42-weeks of 3x weekly workouts and mindfulness practices, including breathing exercises, meditation and more, formatted for your exact number of weeks into pregnancy.
  • A 200+ page nutrition guide broken down by the needs of each trimester plus a section on postpartum nourishment.
  • Instant access to a private Facebook community to connect with others in the MamaWell community.
  • Bonus! 6-week postpartum recovery and gentle movement guide.
  • Bonus! The MamaWell video series with leading pre and postnatal experts that explores the transition into motherhood from a multi-cultural perspective. 
what you'll learn
  • How to move your body safely during each stage of your pregnancy.
  • Foods to avoid during pregnancy, what to eat and drink during pregnancy and labor, information on supplementation, and what’s safe to consume during pregnancy.
  • How to ease prenatal anxiety and help reduce the chances of postpartum anxiety and depression.
  • ​Physical body rehabilitation tips and videos on movement for core activation, stretching, restorative nutrition, and more.
  • ​Strategies to involve your birth team in birth planning and post-delivery support.
You deserve to feel taken care of and cherished.
MamaWell is not “just” another prenatal fitness guide or program 
(although you will receive digital workouts that are safe and adjust with your growing belly each and every week).

It's also not “just” another prenatal meal plan 
(although you will get a full nutrition guide filled with recipes, advice of what to eat and when, 
supplement suggestions, foods to avoid, and more...).

Similarly, MamaWell is not “just” a place to connect with other mamas-to-be 
(although you will get access to a private Facebook group where you can share and support other women).
MamaWell is a revolutionary new way for you to experience more joy, clarity & ease in pregnancy & new motherhood.
No matter what stage of pregnancy you’re in, 
MamaWell was created with you in mind.
We invite you to dive into MamaWell.
What Happens After You Join
  • Within minutes, you will receive an email with your log-in credentials and password to access the MamaWell site.
  •  Within a few days, you will receive an invitation to join our exclusive Facebook community of expecting mamas.

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